Chalk Waco 2022
Artist Registration

May 14 - 15, 2022
Downtown Waco
Austin Avenue

Help show off the phenomenal, talented and vibrant creatives who are defining the culture of our city as a Chalk Waco 2022 artist! As a street or wall muralist, you will collaborate with a local business to create a chalk art masterpiece that will be seen by thousands. 

Sponsored artists will receive a $100 supplies budget to be redeemed at MC Art Supplies for city-approved chalk mural supplies. You will be matched by April 15 and material orders will be due to MC Art Supplies by April 22, 2022. Your pre-order will ensure that you get colors and products you need. MC will have limited materials on hand the day of. You will receive more information on how to place your order in the matching email.

Live voting will be held throughout the event for people’s choice on their favorite street and wall murals. There will also be a juried competition for street and wall murals. Winners and awards will be announced Sunday evening of Chalk Waco. PLUS every artist will receive a $100 stipend for their work, whether or not they win a prize.

Are you in?

Event Information & Guidelines

  • You have the option to self-sponsor, arrange your own sponsor or the creative team will match you with one.
  • Stipends will be sent by mail following the event.
  • Artists will have from 4 AM - 11 AM to complete their artwork on May 14th, 2022.
  • Street murals will be 10’ x 10’ along Austin Avenue between 5th & 8th Street and wall murals will be at least 10’ x 10’  in the 7th Street Pedestrian Plaza on 7th and Austin.
  • The City of Waco will allow the street art to last a week and the wall murals will last at least four months, but can be on display upwards to a year.
  • Artists who are sponsored by a local business must collaborate with their sponsor and invite their input on the theme or content of the artwork. While the art should NOT be a direct representation of their logo or brand elements (ie. it cannot look like a billboard), it can incorporate elements of their business or mission (ie. if they are a salon, it could incorporate hair.)
  • Restricted content: This is a family event and we trust you to keep the content positive, inviting, and appropriate for all ages. (e.g. no political figures, offensive language, or sexual themes).

Artist Registration Form