CWCW: 6 ways the Art Center is a champion for the arts

By Rae Jefferson
Director of Marketing and Communications

This post is an extension of the Conversations with Creative Waco radio program on 103.3 KWBU fm, where we take you behind the scenes of art and culture in Waco. Catch us live on the fourth and fifth Friday of every month at 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.

“The Waco Door” | Sculpture by Robert Wilson | Located in the ACW Sculpture Garden
Photos courtesy of the Art Center of Waco

If you’ve been part of the Waco community long enough, it’s likely you’ve heard of the Art Center of Waco. If you’re lucky, you’ve even had the chance to experience some of the creative programming they faithfully bring to the Waco community.

The Art Center is a nonprofit arts organization with a long history of challenging barriers to arts programming for all areas of our city. Meg Gilbert, Art Center director, talks about both the labor and joy of bringing art to the community on Conversations with Creative Waco, today at 11:30 a.m and 8 p.m. on 103.3 KWBU fm.

Read on to find out a bit more about the Art Center and how they are proudly championing the arts in our community.

  1. Traveling Art Expedition. One of the newest programs to come out of the Art Center, Art Expedition is a fantastic program that brings a mobile art gallery to area schools. A trailer truck has been filled with pieces created by local arts educators, and outfitted with lighting and fixtures that mimic a gallery. The experience shows students that a career in the arts is possible while giving them a taste of what a gallery experience is like.
  2. Rotating exhibitions featuring local and regional artists. Sadly, there aren’t any exhibitions currently on display because the Art Center vacated their building on MCC’s campus due to safety concerns this past fall. However, they are currently officing out of Cultivate 7TWELVE (712 Austin Ave.) and may have exhibitions in this space and others in the future. Keep up with them to get updates on their building search and any pop-up exhibitions in the future.
  3. Accessible summer camps for kids. The center offers a wealth of summer camps for elementary to high school students. Campers learn the history and craft of things like printmaking, sculpting, painting and more. The Art Center works hard to make their programming widely accessible, so one of the best features of their summer program is that they offer a limited number of scholarships each year. (Check out Creative Waco’s Summer Camp Calendar to see all the Art Center listings, as well as creative camps offered by other creative, educational, and community organizations.)
  4. Art classes for adults. From weaving to ceramics, the Art Center has a history of offering a wide variety of creative courses for adults. Although course offerings change throughout the year, there is almost always something new to try. Classes, schedules, and registration info are listed on their website.
  5. Art classes for children. Because much of the Art Center’s programming focuses on children, it only makes sense that they offer creative classes for kids year-round. At Art Lab, students are invited to learn about the history and processes of creating art before trying their hand at creativity. These affordable courses ($12/90-minute class) can be viewed in detail on their website.
  6. Community engagement through volunteering. The center is always open to allowing community members serve in creative facets. From art education to community events, volunteers are able to support the organization’s mission using their own creative strengths. Check out their volunteer page to get connected!