Creative Waco’s Arts Match Program, "AMP," is a fund for supporting great ideas for high impact and/or innovative arts projects by providing matching grants that will help grow our community as a vibrant cultural hub. Projects are evaluated by a panel of community members and cultural arts experts based on their abilities to further the Waco Cultural Plan.

The next AMP funding deadline is September 1st, 2024 at midnight (for stage I applications).



1. Who can apply?

Non-profit arts organizations based in the City of Waco or McLennan County are eligible to apply to the AMP Fund.

2. How do you know if you are a non-profit arts organization?

  • You are a non-profit corporation with an IRS 501c(3) determination, and

  • You have a mission to advance the creative or performing arts.

  • IF you have an amazing idea, but do not qualify under the above criteria, please email us: [email protected]

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3. What if I’ve got a great idea but I’m not a non-profit arts organization?

We encourage you to partner with a local non-profit arts organization or see if the American Rescue Plan Grant Program (ARPA) is a better option. Contact us if you need help creating a partnership.

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4. What kinds of projects are eligible?

  • High impact and/or innovative projects that will advance any of the goals in Waco’s Cultural Plan.

  • Creative arts projects that can get at least half the resources they need from other sources, and need AMP support to become reality.

  • Creative arts projects that need the support of the Local Arts Agency to secure funding from other sources.

5. How much can you apply for?

Typically, grants range from $2,500 to $10,000. If your project requires more or less funds than the typical range, please contact Creative Waco before applying.

6. What do you mean by a project that is “high impact and/or innovative”?

“High impact” means something that makes a significant, positive, measurable difference to our community by advancing one or more of the goals and objectives listed in the Waco Cultural Plan.

“Innovative” means a project that takes a creative, fresh or different approach to something and does not already happen in our community (e.g. a new kind of festival, performance, program, collaboration, or piece of public art).


7. What are the priorities for AMP?

AMP is designed to be flexible. its purpose is to allow great artistic ideas to get off the ground. If you are in any doubt about whether your project or idea is eligible, or a good fit, please contact Creative Waco. These are the kinds of projects AMP is designed to support:

  • Projects that encourage artistic talent, skill and expertise to come, stay, grow and flourish in our community,

  • Projects that promote and increase artistic excellence,

  • Projects that encourage new creative partnerships between arts organizations, or between the arts and other sectors,

  • Projects that will encourage participation or develop new audiences – especially from people that are traditionally under-represented,

  • Projects that help arts organizations or programs to reach “the next level,”

  • Projects that enhance quality of life in Waco and McLennan County,

  • Projects that have a positive legacy, or lasting impact.

8. What will definitely NOT be funded?

  • Projects that have no plan for securing the required match support

  • Existing annual, regular, or core programs

  • Ongoing operational costs

  • Projects whose main purpose is fundraising

  • Rescue packages for organizations in financial difficulty

  • Projects without a non-profit arts applicant or partner

  • Projects unable to supply the required documentation

  • Projects that promote a religious or political ideology

9. I have some “in kind” support for my project. Can I use it as part of my match funding? How do I calculate its value?

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The short answer is yes. Up to 50% of your match funding can be "in kind" support. Check out the application form to find out how much "in kind" support you can use as match funding in your application.

If your match support is materials or services, the easiest way is to calculate what you would normally have to pay for those materials or services at “fair market” value.

You may include donated professional or artistic services (e.g. design of publicity material), but not simply volunteer helpers. Donated services should be calculated based on an hourly rate at local market value, but no higher than the rate advised by Independent Sector.

10. What happens next?

  • Once you’ve submitted Phase 1 of your application, a panel of readers will check that it’s eligible and a good fit for AMP. You might be asked some basic questions about your project.

  • You will be contacted within two weeks of the Phase 1 submission deadline, at which time you will be informed if you are invited to submit a Phase 2 full application.

  • You will be contacted within two weeks of the Phase 2 submission deadline to inform you if the AMP Board would like to schedule an interview. At the interview, you will give a short presentation and answer questions about your project.

  • You’ll hear if your project was recommended for funding within 24 hours of the panel interview. Funding will be released on a timeline appropriate to each individual project.

  • The whole process from Phase 1 application deadline to final decision about your AMP funding should take no more than six weeks.

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