The finest cities on our planet owe their cultural identity to the people who have invested in great art, architecture, and ideas. Their names are remembered because their citizens knew that great art music, design, architecture and ideas live beyond our individual cares. The cultural identity of our city is just emerging. Be a part of the generation that drives the future of Waco.

Creative Waco was formed to grow Waco as a vibrant cultural hub. During difficult times such as these, our work is more essential to ensure the survival of a sector that brings character to our community. As the county's arts agency, we are here to connect artists and makers to needed resources and help them develop ways to pivot and thrive in this time of quarantine and social distancing.

We catalyze creative growth in our community by bringing talented people together, helping them find the tools and resources they need, and investing in innovative ideas that advance Waco's Cultural Plan. We want Waco's renaissance to be driven by the whole community. Join a new generation of philanthropists for the arts today by joining the team of A-List arts supporters as a Creative Waco monthly donor. Every dollar will make an impact.