Ryota Matsumoto

Ryota Matsumoto is an artist, educator, designer, cultural programmer, and architect. As a sociologist, he is highly recognized as the forefather of the postdigital art.

Andrea La Valleur-Purvis – Interdisciplinary Artist

Andrea is a British-American interdisciplinary artist working abstractly across several mediums. Her works incorporate found objects, steel, wood, and forged metal and metal foundry.

Designs with Jamie

An AAPI woman-owned small business that specializes in creating encouraging stationery. Able to work with digital art, calligraphy, acrylic, watercolor, and murals.

Naomi Canale

A focus on display, installation, murals, and branding. With over 15 years experience in art and storytelling, Naomi loves to help bring businesses to life and foster community shared experiences.



Where originality meets a modern-day artist with a futuristic out of this world imagination

Melanie Stokes Art

Paints representational paintings in both studio and en plein air. Accepts commissions. Member of PACT (Professional Artists of Central Texas)since 2019.

Leslie Hicks

Abstract paintings on canvas and other textiles. Artistic creations collected both nationally and internationally. Various sizes.

Madeline Wolfe – Hotkey Art

Fine artist using diverse mediums including acrylic paint, markers, and found objects. My specialty is creating mosaics using glass tiles, stained glass, and broken ceramics.

Robin McClain

Robin McClain

Pen is my go to medium and lately I’ve been focusing more on pointillism which I believe creates a beautiful effect.

Joel R. Edwards

Texas-born, representational artist working in traditional oils, graphite, and watercolor.

Cade Kegerreis

Waco native. Studio Art Bachelor’s degree, 10 years experience specializing in a variety of 2D mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, spray paint, charcoal, ink and mixed media.

Judi Simon

An award winning representational fine artist specializing in still life and portrait paintings in oil, watercolor and oil glazes on porcelain.

CS Fine Art

Native Wacoan and life-long artist currently focused on collage and abstract expressionism. I use color AND words to evoke strong memories, moods, and feelings.

Jacquelin Escalante

Jacquelin Escalante

Talented artist with a distinct expertise in transforming spaces through captivating window paintings and murals, blending creativity with a unique ability to bring imagination to life.


A Chinese-American illustrator and designer who creates vibrant multimedia drawings and products. Specializes in digital art, watercolor, colored pencil, and murals.

Fine Art by Wendy Michelle Davis

An artist who is passionate about capturing the beauty of the world around us on canvas. Her awarding winning paintings are known both internationally and nationally.