Art For the Radiation Wing of Texas Oncology,

1700 W Hwy 6, Waco, TX 76712


Welcome to “Treasure Hunt”, a collection of eleven artworks displayed in the radiation wing of Texas Oncology on Highway 6 in Waco, that you can also explore as sculptures and murals in downtown Waco.

You might recognize some of the details, or be inspired to hunt for the treasure of art in our community. Each artwork has a unique story, and part of the treasure to be found is the tale behind each one.  Just like people, there’s more to be discovered than first meets the eye. Click each artwork below to know how and why they were made, and their location in downtown Waco. If that sparks your curiosity, it makes a fun activity to enjoy with loved ones on foot, by bicycle, or in a vehicle.

Chances are that if you are looking at artwork at Texas Oncology, you or someone you care about are on a journey you did not expect. This artwork is also a reminder that you can’t see the whole picture from up close. There is often beauty, humor, or hope just out of sight. Every one of these artworks contains something that represents hope (there’s plenty of beauty and humor, too!). Finding it is part of the treasure hunt. The team at Texas Oncology were a source of hope for me when I received treatment for breast cancer in 2022. They treated me as a whole person, even though they only saw a small part of me during treatment. An illness can sometimes feel like it spills into everything, overwhelming not just your body, but your identity. Your curiosity about this art is a part of you that remains strong, healthy, and true. If you want to remind yourself or others that you are much more than an illness, hunting for treasure in all its many forms could be a rewarding place to start.

Fiona Bond, Creative Waco, 2024

With thanks to the team at Texas Oncology who developed this project:

Dr. Justin Wray

Charla Herndon

Katie Bone

Lindsey Gray

Marisol Quintana

Photography and Project Management by Elvia Leyva

Click to Explore Each Artwork

Wildflowers I
Wildflowers II
Tree Of Life
The Color of Health
Taking Flight
Sumatran Tiger
Box Turtle II
Wise Elephant
Spilling the Wind
Ely Playing with a Stick